Electrically Heated Glass

Electrically heated window glass gives a clear, undistorted view in all weather conditions.

It is used to prevent windows panes from freezing or steaming up, ensuring good visibility in extremely low temperature ranges. Electrical heated glass is commonly installed in ships wheelhouse windows, or in other specialist glazing applications.

Electrically heated marine glass panes used on ships and yachts are manufactured to the ISO 3434 standard and fitted with temperature controllers. Heating power is adjusted depending on the operating conditions. 

Heating levels range: 6W/dm2 – 30W/dm2.

As well as the glass we have a comprehensive range of window frames, including steel, brass, aluminium, weld, bolts, A60, A0, etc. In specific circumstances electrically heated glass pane can be combined with A60 fire retardant glass.

We also offer comprehensive range of control systems that can be integrated with our wiper control system. The heating power is adjusted depending on the operating conditions and, in accordance with the relevant standards.