Fire Proof Marine Glass

Clear Fire Resistant Glass for the Marine Sector

You hope and trust that a fire at sea will never happen. It’s an ongoing concern for professionals within the marine business and ship owners - and that’s the way it should be. just how safe can you make a ship? How much care can you take of passengers and crew?

Fire safety is a top priority in shipping - which makes it a top priority for the researchers and developers behind Vetrotech’s fire resistant glass.  We always want to offer more and better, simply because our products are a matter of life and death. they represent fire safety for the shipping sector and all those who are directly involved. But there’s more to it.

Our multifunctional fire resistant glass is used worldwide to ensure safety. It buys extra time for all persons on board to abandon the ship safely and professionally. It works and it has been proven to work. due to our longterm experience, we have the knowledge and competencies at Vetrotech.

We can’t banish fire, but nightmare prevention is our speciality. this folder is not only about fire safety. there’s so much more to our glass...