Electrically Heated Glass - Marine Applications

There are few environments more demanding than the high seas. During cold and high-humidity weather conditions, clear and undistorted vision, as well as thermal comfort, are essential.

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain has developed THERMOVIT, a range of electrically heated glazing solutions designed specifically for marine applications. These products are designed to keep windows within the marine environment free from frost, snow, vapour and condensation.

There are three different solutions to provide a clear view at all times. There are also three connection options. For more information regarding these please see below.

Key Features:

  • Ideally suited for marine window applications (wheelhouses, restaurants, cabins…) supplied as single-laminated or double-glazed units
  • Provides clarity of vision, whatever the climatic conditions (heating capacities between 3 - 30 W/dm2)
  • Individual glass panes are thermally toughened in accordance with ISO614
  • Large sizes up to 2600 x 5500 mm are possible (bigger sizes on request)
  • Available with a power supply varying from 12 V - 440 DC and 12 V - 110 AC
  • Can be easily combined with other products to incorporate extra safety, sustainability and/or comfort features
  • Available as a weight-saving solution for projects in which balance and stability is key
  • Complies with ISO 3434 (standard for heated glass), ISO 21005 and ISO 614 (impact safety & pressure resistance) standards
  • Helps to improve the ambient comfort by reducing the cold surface effect of the glass
  • Avoids the need for blowers, which means no condensation and subsequent damage of the interior, delivering full-decondensation