Bullet Proof Glass

Comprehensive glass solutions, whatever your requirements

The PROTECT range is based on an ideal combination of the rigidity and compressive strength of glass with the plasticity and energy-absorbing properties of polymer interlayers.

The objective is to prevent penetration, reduce the chances of cracks spreading through the composite and minimise the risks of injury to those on the protected side. The ability of the multi-layer structure to do that under increasing levels of attack can be readily raised in proportion by progressively adding glass-plastic layers to effectively counter higher levels of threat.

Polygard® and Vetrogard® offer supreme protection against all forms of attack. In the table below, you find the EU norms and terms for a broad range of attach classifications. You may
use it to chose the right option to suit your needs.

Polygard® is a highly durable product that offers powerful protection against bullet, blast and intrusion attacks. But Polygard® goes beyond being simply security glass. Thanks to its polycarbonate make-up, it is much narrower and lighter than other comparable products, but without any compromise on strength.

Polygard®’s enhanced levels of protection offer security and reassurance. The polycarbonate and glass combination provides highly effective fracture and splintering resistance, but without any compromise in essential transparency.