Wiper Control Systems

ControlNAV – is a window wiper control system that is an integrated solution from NAVITECH for our window wipers, wash and air purge system, heated bridge windows, and our electrically operated anti-glare sunscreens.  

ControlNAV PCB modules are located at the point of consumption, i.e. next to the motor and come factory pre-wired by us, which reduces the electrical installation requirement by the installer.  Only a 4 wire cable needs to be connected into each wiper, saving time and money compared with other control systems.  reduces the risk of installation errors

If you require our system to control additional equipment, please contact us.

  ControlNav Mrine Wiper Controller

Features of the ControlNAV include.

  • Small size control panel – even for large complex wiper systems
  • Less cabling required – saving money on electrical cables
  • Pre-wired control modules – saving time and money on installation and reduces risk of installation errors.
  • Individual and group control features with user definable settings.
  • Multi-speed operation, variable intermittent functions, self-parking.
  • Dimmer control of the panel indicators.
  • Synchronized control during intermittent operation.
  • Variable intermittent at 3, 8 and 16 seconds.
  • Separate control of wiper de-icing heaters, heated windows and wash wipe / air purge functions.
  • Plug and play connectivity which is easy to install saving you time and saving money
  • Modular component -making system expansion easy and simple to do.

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