Pantograph Wipers

Our range of Heavy duty Pantograph wipers, are designed and produced using only the highest quality marine grade materials and are available in INTERNAL or EXTERNALLY mounted motor models.

Typically installed on ships bridge windows or other specialist applications, a large wiped area can be achieved on rectangular or trapezoidal windows, maximizing visibility from the ships wheelhouse.

Our advanced design incorporates powerful drive motors and de-icing heaters, giving a smooth linear window wiping motion and ensuring high reliability, a long life and low lifecycle costs, in all weather conditions.

Benefits include:-

  • Internal & External window wiper motoroptions
  • Blade length up to 1000mm – increasing theclear wiped area.
  • Wiper Blade rubber is a proven heavy type –extending the life of the replacement intervals and enhances the quality of the clear wiped area.
  • Arm length up to 1000mm
  • Powerful motors supplied in accordance with you supply voltage – ensuring a long life, low maintenance, cost effective window wiper solution.
  • Quiet operation when either internal or external motor models are installed
  • Electrical de-icing heaters for use in ice classconditions – 25deg C
  • Self parking fitted as standard – giving intermittent wiping controls
  • Easy access mounting brackets – making installation and maintenance a quick and easy, saving you time and money.
  • Can be mounted above or below the window
  • Designed tested and proven to comply with ISO17899.
  • Durable high quality marine grade materials used throughout.
  • Simple electrical connections – used in conjunction with our data-bus wiper control system – please contact us for more information.
  • Bespoke window wiper drawings available upon request. Please send us your window dimensions for our solution and quotation.

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