Anti-Glare Sun Blinds


SolarNav is a retractable anti-glare sun screen which is custom made in accordance with the size and shape of each of the ships bridge windows. The SolarNav range of sun screen are produced using only the highest quality and grade of materials.

Each anti-glare sun blind is optimized to reflect more of the sun’s glare and heat, to enhance the visibility and aid navigation from the ships wheelhouse.

Benefits of the SolarNav Anti-Glare Sun Blinds:

  • Improved visibility – ensuring safe navigation at sea.
  • Electronic charts - are now easier to read
  • Reduced Eye Strain - up to 93% of glare is reduced
  • Reliable performance - high quality with long life and warranty.
  • Low prices - send your window dimensions for a competitive quotation.

Anti-Glare Sun Blind

Options available

  • Aluminium cassette – anodised as standard
  • Film colour - Gold, Silver, Grey or Bronze
  • Operating mechanism - double side pulley intension or side chain clutch.
  • Mounting for vertical or inclined windows.

Anti Glare sun Blind

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